7 Dec 2009

Movie quote

I know that it can be “corny” to quote a character from an everyday movie… But I always found interesting to look at everyday movies, everyday books, or news, and without judgment find that feeling that we all can relate to at some point in life… who never gave this same answer, even if to themselves…? Did you not?

“- Do you miss him…?
- Everyday.”

(Carrie in "Sex and the City")


  1. Ana,
    I find the movies imaginary so powerful. Not only dialogues but images and situations: even characters (remember in the end of "Casablanca" Bogart to the Vichy policeman about friendship?). I'd love to organize an workshop about psychoanalysis and cinema. There's so much material.

  2. Hi Ana,
    Id like to take this opportunity to welcome you to LCPC and our blog! I have been following your posts and commentaries and am very pleased to have you onboard!



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