20 Dec 2009



The article is about the different shopping styles. Apparently, it has to do with evolution. Men went hunting and with some luck they did. Women had to choose carefully among the food available (seeds, fruits,meat, etc).
Says Prof Kruger: "Women gained the skills of how to get the best quality food in cave man times because if they chose the wrong berry or nut it could kill". Women often did that with young children, while men were out hunting.
According to scientists, "the reason why women love to spend hours in shops while men prefer to be in and out of the high street in minutes is down to their hunter-gathering past".

Hmm... Food for thought.

(photo by rock_leonine)




  1. Not a very feminist view, don't you think?

  2. Maybe not, but so science says. Makes sense anyway. I also remember reading a few years ago about the important role grandmothers played in the education of children while younger women were busy with collecting food or feeding smaller babies or even helping the men hunting (yeap!).These older women (I guess they should be thirty-something, according to life expectancy in those primitive societies)were somewhat responsible for the primitive cultural inheritance. Do you know we are the only species amongst primates where menopause takes place?



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