18 Apr 2010

The invention of lying

Today I saw “The invention of lying” and found to be really interesting as it makes us think about a lot of things (more than this trailer suggests…), from the obvious truth vs.lie, until religion and morality. For me the first 15 minutes were the most interesting because we always found lying a bad thing, but this portrait of an “all truthful world” is surely not very inviting… I won’t tell more because I don’t want to ruin your movie view. But I leave you with a question: would we really want to hear the all truth all the time?


  1. I hope this comment really stays, unlike my previous one about shopping and the poem by R. Frost eh eh.
    I didn't see the film but was a bit scaried by the trailer. A world without lies? Hmmm... Seems a bit nasty.
    On the other hand, I firmly believe one should be always truthful to oneself. That's a whole different thing.

  2. You should see it! The trailer doesn't make justice to the film! And makes you think about life and fears...



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