5 Jan 2012

City and Street Views

I love the pictures of German artist Michael Wolf!

His new pics of subway-travellers in Tokyo make me think....
How do we prefer to move around? Which options do we have? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each option? Anyone of us makes different choices.
Walking? Bicycle? Car? Subway? ....?


  1. I am a fan of Michael Wolf too. His images are very powerfull.
    Lately I've been trying to move around on a bike. Mine is a foldable one and made for the city (lower gravity center). It's fun, unexpensive and eco-friendly. Beaware of taxi drivers and rude people in general.

  2. Being from Amsterdam, I miss biking....In my mind it must be very hard to bike in Lisbon with all the hills, but a lower gravity center makes sense!



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