22 May 2012

How to improve our body image

Now that summer has arrived, I found this research quite interesting: researchers of the University of Maastricht (NL) are focusing on the concept of body image. Preliminary findings show that depression and eating disorders could possibly be prevented when women could see their body in a more masculine kind of way. A negative body image could be prevented by teaching women to learn to experience their body more in a manner of what they can DO with it (the masculine interpretation), instead of focusing on how the body looks like (the feminine interpretation).
Final conclusions from this research are expected later this year!


  1. How interesting is this issue of the body DOING vs LOOKING LIKE. Please let us know more about it. I guess it's cultural, isn'it?

  2. Lousie, you are right: culture plays a huge role, concerning this subject! Will post more about this in the future!



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