25 Sep 2012

One-Moment Meditation

Martin Boroson brings us a fresh and challenging new approach to meditation, that eliminates all those old excuses we make for ourselves as to why we aren't meditating.
Check it out:



  1. Thanks, Alexandre, for this catching small video. Meditation seems to be all the rage now and one can understand why. Scientific studies prove it helps cognitive functions and can fight depression. See for yourselves.

  2. Hi Alexandre
    I was surprised to see one could meditate for such a short time. Is Boroson the only author who supports this? Can you suggest other authors?

  3. Hello John.
    Boroson brought one of the freshest approaches to meditation I have seen in recent times, and the best approach that blends meditation and the 21st century reality we are used to.
    With a short research you will find that even the most classic buddhist texts don't define a maximum or minimum time for meditation. Almost all agree that even a second of meditation is important and that you should sit as much time as you can.
    Boronson took it one step further. His approach is that you can meditate as many times per day as you can/want - one minute at a time. Not only can you blend your meditation far more easily into your daily routine, it also eliminates all the arguments typically used not to practice meditation - especially lack of time.

  4. Hi Alexandre,

    Thx for your explanations. I've been trying. Surprisingly, it's not so hard!

  5. Not hard at all :)
    Keep practicing for even better results!



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