20 Jun 2010


Sexuality has been studied for centuries, the expression of that same sexuality has changed alongside with history itself, evolving in terms of meaning and liberty wise. In a long journey here morality, cultural habits and even science have a great part in the discussion and vision about the “do’s and don’ts” of Sexuality. For us to think today there is the notion of some researchers that sexual activity is very connected with our basic needs, and the sexual performance with our self-esteem. But sexuality in general is more than this, is the way one express himself as a man or a woman, with their desires, self image, the way to relate with others and many more complexities. What I propose in the next days is that we think about some of the questions that this topic raises.

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  1. I am a student of psychology, just started to read a bit of Freud but I understand that Freud himself spoke of psychosexuality. There seems to be another dimension to it apart from the more obvious sexual intercourse. Would you care to elaborate on this?



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