12 Jan 2010


According to The Economist, women make up already 50% of the workforce in the USA. In Scandinavia, this % is even higher.
Quoting The Economist:
"The change is dramatic(...). A generation ago working women performed menial jobs and were routinely subjected to casual sexism—as “Mad Men”, a television drama about advertising executives in the early 1960s, demonstrates brilliantly".
 This mass movement began during WW II when women had to get to grips with the jobs men did before.
Rosie the Riveter (pictured above by Norman Rockwell in the Saturday Evening Post) was an icon for this new woman.
But things are not yet as they should be: women still earn tipically less than men and a very small % of them are running big companies. In sum, lots to do yet.
You can read the whole article at:

Note that the Wikipedia insists that the picture of the woman The Economist has published was mistaken for Rosie. This one:

Well, the two of them are along the same lines. If you are interested, take a look at:


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