25 Sept 2012

One-Moment Meditation

Martin Boroson brings us a fresh and challenging new approach to meditation, that eliminates all those old excuses we make for ourselves as to why we aren't meditating.
Check it out:


22 Sept 2012

The path

Expressive and succint illustration of the path to sucess (or self-realization, if you prefer).
[from massivemov]


Curiosity isn't usually mentioned as a "soft skill". By curiosity I mean the capacity to take an interest in issues, to want to know more, go further. It's essential for our own growth to ask, to iquire, to research, to question. Always, without fearing critiques. An open mind that wants to learn is a guarantee for performance and progress.

Seth Godin is a man who thinks out of the box. His blog is full of very interesting ideas and concepts. This post is about curiosity. Take a look:



15 Sept 2012


The image of politicians gets worse by the day. This is a funny cartoon from The Times.


9 Sept 2012

Let's bike!


Bikes are invading cities in Europe and America. Here in Lisbon bit by bit their number is increasing. We have got a wonderful climate, there are no excuses not to ride a bike. It's healthy, good exercise and cheap. There are some dangers, of course, but we need to be cautious in all situations.

Now, you may ask yourself what kind of bike you should ride. The picture shows the models available, their pros and cons.

I ride a foldable bycicle that I can carry into places, bus or car truck. They also have a lower gravity center which makes them easier to ride. Foldables are not the best option for great distances however.

If you want more info, go to:



7 Sept 2012

Relaxation tips

Good sensible advice to those that feel too stressed up. Of course stress is something that when excessive must be questioned. People may even get addicted to stress! Sometimes professional help is the best thing to do in the long run.

In the meantime take a look at these 40 suggestions from the greatist.com:



3 Sept 2012

Examples and inspiration

Our colleague Helena Meadows who just joined our team at Lisbon Clinic asked me to post the following text for her:

"Look up at the stars and not down at your feet” was the message from Prof Stephen Hawkins at the opening of the Paralympic Games 2012.

And that is exactly what these athletes do:

39 year old Martine Wright who lost both legs on the 2005 London bombing and went on to complete in the British volleyball team.

Marine Joe Townsend who lost both legs in separate bomb blasts in Afghanistan, as well as other 7 wounded servicemen and women are also part of the Paralympic Team GB 2012.

These and every other athlete have their own story to tell and are an example of the amazing qualities of human resilience and an inspiration to us all on how to cope with change in our lives.


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