20 Mar 2011


(illustration of Alice in the Wonderland, courtesy of Wikipedia)

This is one of my favourite books. As I child I clearly remember the moment I discovered books could mean a whole new world for me. I can even say that my first moment of autonomy and independence was when I realized that learning to read would allow me a freedom that my "real" life didn't.  It was not when I learned to eat by myself or to dress. It was when I realized I could find a meaning in those letters and that I would have so many travels ahead. Tarzan, cowboys, pirates.... Wonderful and strange worlds were opening up for me.
That was in the time of paper books, which appear to be a species approaching extinction (the fact is that I read quite a lot in my iPad). How will children learn that space for autonomy and freedom? Maybe learning how to use computers and have access to images and also reading. Times are changin', as Bob Dylan sang.


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