16 Nov 2013

Trees and dreams

Between dream and reality or should I say different realities, please have a look at Daniel Barreto's photography here, a young man living and studying in Boston.


10 Nov 2013

The three elements of communication

We start communicating as soon as we are born. However, spontaneous as this drive may be, good and effective communication is hard to learn.

It's a life process and a never ending one. It's crucial to our professional lives but also to the way we deal with family and friends.

According to Scott Edinger, on the HBR blog, the three pillars of a good communication were devised by Aristotle more then two thousand years ago. They are: ethos, pathos and logos. Nowadays, says Scott, we should speak of integrity and credibility, emotional conexion and reason.

Do read Edinger's post interesting post here.



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