26 Jun 2011


Sal Khan, a young man graduated buy the MIT, specially gifted in terms of communicating, explaining and teaching, created the Khan Academy (www.khanacademy.org) where you can watch more than two thousand hors of classes about 40 different areas of knowledge.
Do have a look and see for yourself.

18 Jun 2011


Many people would like to start their own business. This wish may be specially useful in the present (and I believe future) situation when jobs for life are part of the past.
We have to come to terms with the fact than the golden years that followed the II World War are past and gone. They lasted for almost sixty years (I'm speaking of course of Europe and the USA) and corresponded in a general way to the so-called baby boomers generation.
Nowadays young people have to be specially resortful in a global and competitive world where jobs are scarce. Entrepreneurship is something than can also be learnt although there are certain born with traits that may help. I already dealt with these issues in a previous post.
Creativity is no doubt a most important trait.
Someone recently told me about this site which is very helpful:


3 Jun 2011


Michael Margolis writes a very interesting article about writing bios.
In these hard times we're living it's important to distinguish yourself from the masses when you're competing for a position.
Have a read at:



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