12 Sept 2010


White noise is an expression that designates a kind of noise that is confortable on one hand and one the other masks the other unpleasant noises and may take place in a bedroom, a conference room, etc. It' s sometime used in offices to guarantee some privacy to a phone talk for instance.
The concept is quite intrigring.
I've always about it but this summer, after searching on the internet, I decided to make my own white noise instead of buying a device for that problem(you can order it online). I had a very upsetting noise coming from the street and managed to overcome it by turning on my air conditioning system in the most silent program. Fortunately it worked. But made me wonder about the lack of respect that people show each other and The total impunity that goes with it.
Sometimes we also have to create our personal white noise in psycogical terms. Some people really interfere with our nervous system and we have to be able to muffle their sounds with some protecting inner noise we may produce.
You know what I mean?


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