31 Mar 2012


Water surfaces may be illusive. I called this one "the self-centered man". He has a nucleus in the center of his body.
We all have in a way. When it's fully established we call it the "self".
One of the good things you get from psychotherapy is to allow your self to be more cohese and complete. The self is more than the ego. It has to do with your identity and personality.

28 Mar 2012

Salivating and longing

American researchers (led by David Gal, Northwestern University) found that we don't only salivate while thinking of food...we also salivate when we are looking at pictures of money. Probably all objects of desire trigger the same general reward system in our brain, which leads to salivation.

26 Mar 2012

healthy sleeping habits

Researchers at the University of Antwerpen found that smartphones, tablets and laptops disturb our quality of sleep when we use them just before sleeping. Our brain needs to process the information-stimuli as well as the evoked emotions (positive or negative). Besides, the radiating light of these devices will inhibit the creation of the sleeping hormone melatonin.
Watching tv is slightly better because the screen is further away. But even more relaxing and healthy for the quality of our sleep would be to read a book, or....to watch a starry sky!

25 Mar 2012


25,000 light years from us...
They say, however, that most of the universe is made of dark matter. Be as it be, light is beautiful and makes the mind twinkle.
(photo by NASA


Art on sand by the San Francisco based artist Andreas Amador:


24 Mar 2012


This time is the island of Pico seen from Faial (Azores)
Photo by UrPortugal


I love islands. They make such a fantastic stuff for imagination. I already posted here with another photo of another island:

This one, I wonder where it is. There was no legend to it (seen in lifecool.com)

21 Mar 2012

Silence - Nyepi

This friday, March 23th, it will be 'Nyepi' in Bali.
Nyepi is the Day of Silence for the Hinduistic Balinese. From 6 a.m. till 6.a.m. the next morning, the whole island is silent and dark. The Balinese will fast, meditate and reflect all day. They are not allowed to leave their houses...This way, evil spirits will think Bali is deserted, and then won't visit the island.

18 Mar 2012


As play is important for children's psychic growth, so is daydreaming for the mentally healthy adult. Between reality and fantasy, that's the space for creativity. At whatever age.

Financial psychopaths

For success in the financial world, some traits that are associated with psychopathy come in handy.

It is estimated that 10% of the employees on Wall Street are a clinical psychopath. They are thrillseekers, have no problem with taking risks, they lack empathy, are charming and intelligent, and are good liars and manipulators.

Ronald Schouten is working on an interesting book about this subject. Read more about this at his post
on Harvard Business Review.

17 Mar 2012


Melanie Klein was a child psychoanalyst who showed the crucial importance of the play in the psychic growth of the child. Playing and its interpretation was also the basis of her therapeutic method.
The following animation allows us to experiment the joys of drawing as a child. At least that's what I felt. Have a try.

15 Mar 2012


A interesting testimonial on taking issues personally and becoming easily angry, very angry.
We sometimes don't know how to deal with narcissistic issues and when you really should speak up - or not.

14 Mar 2012

Training the happiness muscles

Positive psychologist Miriam Akhtar says that around 40% of our happiness can be controlled by ourselves. The most important thing she has learnt during the years, is that happiness is like a muscle we can train. People who want to be happy have to focus on what they want (instead of what they don't want). Just like successful athletes: they focus on winning (instead of losing). When we focus on what we want, there is space to think about ways to reach those goals.

Miriams research has led to 12 practical steps to be more happy. Read more about this here

11 Mar 2012

Invisible Children

In case you haven't seen this one yet: a much talked about documentary about Joseph Kony (especially on social media).
Opponents say this documantary is based on fake facts, while supporters prefer to focus on the intention this documentary has: to make Joseph Kony and his acts known, worldwide.

See also www.invisiblechildren.com

8 Mar 2012

A tribute to introverts

Susan Cain gives an interesting tribute to introverts on www.ted.com.
Click on the title of this post to see it!

What do you think?

4 Mar 2012


Saturn seen by spacecraft Cassini in the XXI century. To the upper right its largest moon Titan.
(photo: NASA)


Saturn the god of harvest and agriculture, as depicted by Goya. He is said to devour his own sons lest they might take his place.

The holiday-effect

A few weeks per year we are living life as it is meant to be and we change into the person we would like to be. Being outside, having good and nice conversations with our loved ones, experiencing new things, etc. When we are on holidays, we are healthier, happier and more relaxed. We experience calmness as we have no obligations. We are feeling more free and autonomous. Our self-esteem is getting a boost.
It's interesting to think about which activities make us happy on holidays: could we integrate parts of them in our daily lives?

3 Mar 2012


More and more young women with careers are opting for freezing their eggs as a way of assuring fertility when the right time comes - either because of their careers or because they haven't found the right guy yet.
In this video Leigh Gallager, a Fortune's editor, discusses her option.


A wonderful video : diving in Tonga.
It made me remember my days of scubadiving.



Urban artist Tilt designed this room for a hotel in Marseille, France. It's called "panic room" and it conveys indeed a powerful sentiment of anxiety".
I wouldn't fancy sleeping there but it's interesting how spaces and colors can influence your mood.
The issue maybe that the room is cut in half in a threatening way (for me at east). What you think?
(seen in

1 Mar 2012


I found this movie quite interesting, it shows what kind of hidden burdens fellow human beings can carry with them, and what people do to survive in life. In this case: a woman pretending to be a man.


Astonishing photos by Chris Fraser


In Portugal there is very little snow. But our imaginary is also made of stories of fairys, Snow White, forests in the winter.
Dutch arquitects have conceived this marvelous house, part of which lies inside the mould.
Have a look at dezeen.com site for other photos. Notice the car in the wall used as bookshelf.


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