9 Mar 2013

Your personality, skills and competences make a brand

Fifteen years ago management guru Tom Peters wrote about personal branding. People as brands. He asked: what makes you different from anyone else?
Your education? Hundreds, thousands of people have the same formal education you do. Experience? Of course, but there will always be someone who has more.
It's your value that makes your brand. And what is that? What you are makes an unique and invaluable combination provided you're able to demonstrate how your value can add to the value of others.
So, what is personal branding about? It's about your personality, your skills, your experience. Look at your self as a product with value that you have to sell and try to customize it. You may call it your self, Peters chose to call it your personal brand.
There are several ways to build a brand and sell it. More of it next time.
Surprised with the concept of people as brands? Look around you and you'll find a few notable examples.
Barack Obama, for instance: smart, handsome, lean, energetic, well spoken, appealing to minorities, ex-layer, a shrewd politician that does't look like one of them. On top of it: a wonderful smile. Obama brand is in fact the most powerfull brand in the world.


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