17 Sept 2013

Too much fusion becomes confusion


This is the last line of an interesting article by Esther Perel. She's a well know sexologist and a specialist in relationships.

In this article she analyses what she calls the perversions of intimacy: "There is sometimes a coercive element to intimacy that wants to force the adhesiveness of transparency. You want to force yourself onto someone else. Sometimes discursive elements as a disguised control. “I need to be able to tell you everything.” “If your conscience is clear, there’s nothing you can’t tell me.” Jacques Salome calls it a form of “intimate terrorism.” You have to listen to me. You have to take care of me. If you don’t, then you don’t love me".

This terrorism of intimacy may well take place under the disguise of love. That's what makes it dangerous and perverted.

You may find this article by Esther Perel here:







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