13 May 2009

Portuguese vs. English? Nah...

(photo of Fernando Pessoa)

We like poetry in every language (this is to Vanessa who wonders about it).

Poetry has such great metaphors for life!

Listen to Fernando Pessoa who also wrote in English:

Set open all shutters, that the day come in
Like a sea or a din!

Que se abram as janelas para o dia entrar
Como um estrondo ou um mar!


  1. I find it a very nice idea to have a blog where English speaking people living in Portugal can discuss their thoughts and even their issues. Language should be a bridge and not something to prevent us from connecting!

  2. I agree Ana, language should be a bridge and help us to connect across all borders. Quoting Pessoa: 'set open the shutters, that the day come in'! Words are like sunlight illuminating the darkest of spaces, the mutest of hearts, words are the bridge.



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