28 Jun 2009

Kadishman and the Jewish Museum in Berlin

Shalechet ("Fallen leaves" by Menashe Kadishman

I first saw his work in the Jewish Museum (Berlin), one of the most upsetting places I ever visited. You can feel the anguish by just walking the corridor! I was told that the architect, Daniel Libeskind, designed it with that purpose in mind.
You have to be there and feel it. In the meantime, go to:


  1. Dear Clara,
    Thank you for the reference to such wonderful and thought provoking sites. Segment 8 of the Judaic exhibition refers to not being abel to free the Jew without freeing the German (those individuals who are part Jewish and part German). There seems to be a very torn sentiment there. The glass exhibit really represents this sense of torness, fragmentation, division, shattering. Very interesting indeed.

  2. Dear Clara,
    I would also suggest the British War Museum, in London as a wonderful experience to walk through the lives of men and women who lived through so many terrible times. It is unbelievable. However, thank you for your suggestion that I will remember when I visit Germany!



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