4 Jul 2009

Caring for physical and mental health

I was wondering about the difficulty people have with dealing with the concept of mental health. The thought came to me after reading a comment a friend of mine made on my profile in Linkedin. I had mentioned somewhere a professional link to "mental health" and he commented the reference was a bit scary.

Is it?

I always thought we should care about our mind with the same attention we dedicate to our bodies. Both are precious and both can be strong or fragile.

Being mentally healthy doesn't mean one has to be all the time happy which of course is not possible. It means to be in touch with both your emotions and your thoughts and at the same time be able to listen to your body. It's about a delicate balance of our inner self we have to build during our entire life. In fact it's a life work. A hard life's work.


  1. Dear Clara,
    I love the post and think that it is so important for everyone to understand how important it really is to be in touch with themselves in the same way that we are in touch with our bodies. I find that often times people are more in touch with either one or the other. Its quite interesting because just the other day I was reading a bit of DR Laing and the Divided Self.
    What do you think?

  2. Hi. Its nice to see your back Blu. I really enjoyed reading your post Clara. I have to say that it has taken me many years to attune mind, body. Often times my body would be sending me messages that I didnt understand. It wasnt untill analysis that i began to understand what i was thinking. So many times id have thoughts, or instances occur and they would affect me and i didnt have conciousness of them. I have also taken up yoga. Yoga for my body is like analysis for my mind! It works the muscles, stimulates the blood, and feels more flexible and agil! WHat a wonderful feeling.

  3. Thank you both. I believe to atune mind and body is not an easy task.
    Pshychic development and healing is not straightforward. That's for sure. Though I believe it pays in the long run. After all we only have one life.



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