3 Dec 2009


It’s so good when we can finally open the door and invite someone in. But then, suddenly we realize we let our guest on the doorway… kind of awkward, kind of lost. Sometimes as the door is allowing the entry of others, the house is not yet prepared to do so… Then what shall we do…? Maybe one should forget formality, lay down the glass on the floor for a moment and ask that someone who is at the door to help pulling a couch and to offer some decoration tips…and ask that someone to sit, and – even though the glass is for now a plastic one –still enjoy a delicious drink and a good chit-chat…


  1. Welcome to our blog, Ana! I hope your contribution will also be a kind of a renewal for all of us, bloggers and readers.

  2. Thanks Clara! I'm really glad to be able to have this opportunity to share some thoughts with you and our readers.



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