22 Mar 2010

Too many people, too many space

We call agoraphobia that almost indescribable sensation of fear in an open space or crowded environment. It’s a really curious – and haunting – sensation that comes almost as a fear for future situations: we don’t need at that moment to leave that place or to be rescued, but the thought of that need, and the idea that it could be difficult to be reached in that crowded place, makes one so anxious that can lead to a panic attack. And then… as it turns out difficult to abandon some of those irrational thoughts, one starts to avoid some places, avoid some places that were usually pleasant because of that fear. So it turns out to be scarier avoiding the fearful situation, missing so much of our life, then to deal with it – or at least we hope so...

1 comment:

  1. Agoraphobia (from the Greek: open space) and claustrophobia are quite common. The problem with phobias is the one you mention: we keep avoiding the situations that scare us and end up (maybe) loosing lots of things.



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