22 Feb 2012

The purple bracelet

Have you heard about 'the complaint free world'? This project is running for some years already, but today I had to think about it again. Instead of a purple bracelet, you can use any other easy to switch object as well of course!


  1. Never heard of that. What is it?

  2. Hi John, sorry for that, I didn´t add the link! If you click on the title of the post, you will find more information. Basically the system works like this: everytime you notice you are complaining (by thoughts or words), change the purple bracelt to your other arm. This will train us to start complain less automatically. It´s a fun way to train ourselves like this!

  3. I see. Not for us men!

  4. More a woman thing, maybe, but sounds as an interesting idea. There's also a site on the net - Moodscope - that I also find quite helpful.



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